Bella is currently a senior in high school and lends us a hand on our busy Saturdays.  She is a delight to have in the office and always has a warm smile on her face.  Bella is wonderful with handling the patients and has a very bright future ahead of her, no matter what she chooses to go.

Samantha is currently a student at Washington State University and was a limited-edition summer addition to Dill Animal Hospital. She was both working with and shadowing Dr. Dill and Dr. Fukuzato to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Samantha has gained a great amount of experience through her work life with us at Dill Animal Hospital. In her free time, she loves to read, travel, and ride horses.

Sadly, Samantha has returned to school, but we are anxiously awaiting her to return in the winter and summer! We miss you and wish you all the best for you Samantha!

 For the past five years Tiffany has gained experience within the industry and she hopes to pursue her education to become a licensed veterinary technician or a veterinarian.  You can either catch her up front, playing receptionist, or in the back, helping her fellow co-workers and doctors with anything and everything they need! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, sleeping, playing video games and spending time with her six dogs, four cats, bearded dragon and fish (What a zoo!).


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